PNW Roof Maintenance

Roof Maintenance for the Pacific Northwest

Regular roof maintenance extends the life of your roof by addressing common problems before they happen. Conducting roof maintenance at regular intervals can save thousands of dollars in costly repairs.

Living in the PNW means higher than average rainfall. This coupled with a greater frequency of extreme weather events overall, creates increased risk  for the unattended, unmaintained roof.


Without regular maintenance, clogged gutters and drain-pipes can lead to small roof leaks and seepage of water that goes undetected. As these leaks worsen, they can result in water damage, runaway mold growth and dangerously rotten and unstable wood.

Regular Roof Maintenance – What It Addresses

  • Clogged gutters and drain-pipes
  • Roof Flashing (material around vents, chimneys, skylights) Where different roof angles come together and form a seal against water.
  • Compromised or missing roof shingles (from overhanging tree branches scraping the roof, from wind and storm damage)
  • Algae growth addressed by Roof Coating
  • Pests: Termites, Woodpeckers, Carpenter Ants
  • Damaged Shingles that are curled around the edges due to heat and moisture buildup (could be caused by poor attic ventilation)

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