Roof Types

Fiberglass Composition Roofing Shingles

1. Traditional 3 Tab Roof Shingles
2. Laminated Architectural Roof Shingles
3. 30, 40 50 Year & Lifetime Roofing Shingles

Cedar Shakes

1. Untreated Roof Shakes
2. Medium Roof Shakes
3. Heavy Roof Shakes

Cedar Shakes Roofing MaterialCedar shakes are made from quality cedar and give the house a rustic appearance that many homeowners find appealing. The quality and performance of cedar shakes will surprise you.

“Torch Down Membrane” Smooth and Granulated Surface Roofs

Torchdown is an excellent choice for flat roofs or roofs with a low pitch. Below is a job Stewart Roofing did to remove an old tar and gravel roof and replace it with  a granulated torch down membrane roof in “Burnt Sienna.” Using a propane torch the granulated surface, “Flintlastic” modified Bitumen membrane was adhered to the base. REQUEST AN ESTIMATE

Torch Down Membrane – Granulated Surface Torch Down Membrane Granulated Surface is the same as the smooth surface membrane, with a mineral granule surface applied during the manufacturing process. This granulated surface replaces the need for the repeated coating of the smooth surface membrane, and meets the UV and fire rating required for the manufacturer’s material warranty. Approximately nine colors are available to choose from and is often a more aesthetic option than the reflective coating on the smooth surface membrane. This option of torch down membrane does not need reapplication as with the coating for the smooth surface membrane.

Torch Down Membrane – Smooth Surface

Smooth surface: an APP Modified Bitumen torch down membrane; is designed for use as a roofing membrane over various types of substrates for both new construction and re-roofing installations. It is suitable for most low sloped roof decks and may be used for roof system flashings including wall treatments, based flashings and field flashings.

The membrane is installed over a modified fiberglass base sheet that is fastened to the roof deck with mechanical fasteners.

After installation, this smooth surface membrane should weather for approximately 30–60 days prior to application of a manufacturer approved roof coating. The most common coating is a fibered aluminum coating. This coating is normally applied with a roller. This coating meets the UV and fire rating required by the roof membrane manufacturer for it’s materials warranty. It should be inspected yearly and re-coated approximately every 5-6 years, depending on condition.

We Specialize

Stewart Roofing specializes in roofing materials and types that meet the challenges of the excessive amount of rainfall in the Pacific Northwest. Torch down roofing is an excellent choice for flat roofs or slightly sloped roofs which collect water and become more susceptible to leakage and water damage. The “torch on roofing” process creates a uniquely durable, watertight seal that adds extra protection for flat or slightly sloped roofing surfaces. Prevention of water damage due to flat roof surfaces at higher risk for water collection, leakage and water damage, is the best policy for saving residential and commercial roofing clients time and money in the future.